Biotech Plumbing Services, Inc. – Our service range includes all major areas in a 50-mile radius with extended service into the Houston, Texas to Conroe area. We are dedicated to serving customers who need Hospitality commercial plumbing, foodservice plumbing and institutional plumbing promptly, and with the industry’s best technology and professional services.


Our employees are our finest assets. Complete with professional equipment and experience, they are committed to customer satisfaction. Every employee goes through intensive training, background review and drug screening, so you can be assured of professional, reliable service from everyone in our company. All our plumbers are dressed in company uniforms for your safety and we are licensed, insured and ready to serve.





Established in 1991, Biotech Plumbing Services, Inc. is a hospitality plumber, commercial plumber, foodservice plumber and institutional plumber ready to help client’s needs with the latest tools, technologies and training.

For 20 plus years we have provided high quality, results driven success. Simply put, we can relieve your drain line, food grease and waste concerns by quickly diagnosing and then solving your drain line and plumbing issues.

Our Clients

We have a wide variety of clients and are highly experienced in the following fields:

  • Restaurant and Food Service Facilities
  • Building/Property Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Real Estate Property Management
  • Hotels
  • Facilities Management
  • Chain Stores
  • Building Maintenance

We interface with local counties to keep our clients in compliance with ever changing regulations. In addition to solving your fats or oil and grease issue, our solution also reduces pass through grease that plagues municipal collection systems. Municipalities recognize our successful drain line management system as a viable alternative to conventional routing of grease waste lines and pumping and disposal of grease wastes. Our products are Lab certified to contain no added enzymes or emulsifiers that could have a negative effect on the environment and they carry the US EPA Design for the Environment seal of approval.

Call today to discuss a free consultation and evaluation to identify your grease waste management needs.

  • Quick plumbing service response:
    • Trained techs diagnose and remove stoppage quickly
    • Solve problem correctly the first time – economically efficient
  • Faucet plumbing repairs:
    • Stocking dealer for T&S Brass plumbing fixtures
    • Trained service techs fix it correctly the first time
  • Commercial water heater repairs:
    • Factory trained and authorized techs trouble shoot repairs and repair or replace unit as indicated
  • Grease Eradication System services tailored to your needs
    • Bacteria program to cure your drain line woes
  • Odor detection
    • Find source of sewer gas odors and other malodors
  • Backflow services and repairs