Drain Line Camera Inspection (CCTV) Technology

Our CCTV drain inspection is a practical and effective method of finding out what’s going on below the ground. Blockages, leaks, damages and deteriorating pipes can be located and a repair can be accomplished with precision and in many cases without expensive digging. What better way to know what your plumbing is really capable of.

Just because your pipes are out of sight underground, they should not be out of mind. A periodic inspection of your drain systems with our CCTV can identify and eliminate issues, before they become expensive problems. If you are building, renting or buying a new property, a CCTV drain or sewer line inspection should be part of your inspection process.

Advantages of Drain Camera (CCTV) Inspection

  • We can determine the exact location of a blockage or problem in places where it is difficult to access and actually see what is causing the problem.
  • Our camera will emit a signal that will enable us to find out the position and depth of the blockage or problem.
  • We can develop a layout (mapping) of the pipes below the ground, providing accurate information for our plumbers and making it easier and less expensive to resolve and problem with your drain system.
  • With the accurate information from our drain line cameras, it is easy to decide where to dig, how deep to dig, what preparation work needs resulting in lesser repair costs.
  • We can find minor problems before they develop into mega problems. Damage caused by usage, poor construction, tree roots, etc., can be seen and recorded through the camera.
  • It is beneficial to have a leakage inspection done on any property you intend to build, rent or buy. A property with unseen drain problems can cause unnecessary headaches and major repair costs to resolve. Know before you invest!